5G NR for Wireless Communications

5G New Radio (NR), with new bands, wider bandwidth, and new beamforming technology, presents significant design and test challenges that require powerful tools to accelerate innovation.

The Future of Wireless Communication

The next-generation communications network is about more than fast data rates and greater capacity. It's about the seamless, real-time interaction between humans and billions of intelligent devices. 5G wireless technology promises a rich, reliable, and hyperconnected world. But from new bands to wider bandwidth and new beamforming technology, 5G New Radio (NR) presents significant design, prototype, and test challenges. Gain a comprehensive look at the technology researchers use to accelerate prototyping and design with examples from around the world.

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The Essential Resource Guide to 3GPP

Our resource guide provides an overview and update covering:


  • Efficiency improvements for 5G
  • Vehicle to everything (V2X)
  • Satellite communications
  • And more vertical applications
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